GWA 21: Creating a Big Art Project Part 1 – Prerequisites

This month, I focused most of my attention on starting a big art project. Like very big – to me at least. Why am I doing this? In the past two years that I have been writing art tutorials on I realized that every time a real break-though happened in learning how to draw, this break-through happened while I was drawing. If I can continue helping readers learn to draw, point them to a place where breakthroughs CAN happen, I have to do this through drawing first. In other words, just reading instruction on drawing is not enough, best instructions on learning to draw comes from actually doing the drawing.

4 Prerequisites to Creation of a Big Art Project

So what did I do? I did a lot of drawing and I focused on prerequisites for a good art project. Here are some things I decided on that you may find useful. For me, an art project must be

  • a series that is collectible in some way, shape or form.
  • It has to provide artistic value to the collector or the patron. The art must have value on its own – visual art should be visual!
  • But the value also has to go beyond that. There has to be either resale value or some sort of ownership value associated with the art. Think of what ownership can bestow on the owner of your art beyond the basics, like access to current or future benefits. This could be as little as providing owners of your art with access to your process (pdf, video, on your website, or in person? ), and as grand as providing all owners with a pass to an annual party at a private island.
  • The artwork must be niche driven to have a chance to thrive in a community of patrons. Ideally you are finding a center of a Venn diagram between a niche community and the art you want to create. For a chance to stand out, you must take a stand and lean into the style, story, or aesthetic you are trying to achieve.

These are all the things I’m considering when building up my art project. The hardest decisions from the above revolved around committing to a style and a niche. I imagine it is because in this area you need substantial commitment to see any results, and for me this is difficult because I am absolutely in love with many various styles of art. But, commit I did, and I am really excited to show you the results in the near future. 

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